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CTECH Europe, since 1975 a dynamic company that is committed to supporting the industry with a wide range of tailor made solutions for waste water treatment. Solutions too, that are created to ensure cost effective operation and to maximize system uptime. So you stay productive and profitable in today's and tomorrow's competitive world. Solutions from CTECH Europe. Keeping you ahead with our waste water treatment products, supporting a better environment. By anticipating tomorrow's legislation and providing you with cost effective answers today.

A focus on the future

Today's industrial world is rapidly becoming more and more conscious of its environmental responsibilities. There is a growing focus on the impact of products and processes on the people that work with them, on those living close to industrial sites, and on the environment itself at the lowest bottom line cost. As an international supplier in providing innovative concepts  and processes, CTECH Europe offers the industry with an effective choice of waste water treatment concepts that can be tailored to today's and tomorrow's needs.

If treatment systems need upgrading, or do not exist, CTECH Europe's range of treatment systems means solutions can be created specifically for your... precisely tailored to needs and budget. From a simple upgrade, to a total turnkey operation.

With waste water treatment systems from CTECH Europe you simply define your requirement... and CTECH Europe provides the solution to suit your needs. For today and for the future that lies ahead.