High Sheer Mixers

  High shear mixers are manufactured in 3 standard types with powers ranging from 0.75 to 15kw.

High Sheer MixersBatch mixers
for use with a lift stand with open top vessels or flange mounted onto the vessel top

In-line mixers / homogenisers - are self contained and can be mounted on a skid which can be moved to different locations.

Tank mounted - flange mount onto the bottom tank dish to become an integral part of the vessel, complete process vessels can be supplied complete with instrumentation and controls.

High Sheer

Particle size in the product is controlled by the size and shape of the stator screen, finer ports produce finer dispersion of global size in emulsions an additional mixers may also be required to move product round the vessel.


Adhesives / cosmetics / creams / toiletries / bakeries / breweries / pharmaceutical products / food processing / soft drinks / starches / sauces / essences / oil blending / textiles /latex compounds /paper sizes / pigments.