Aluminium Castings Company

Wastewater Challenge:
  • Wastewater from: 
  • Coolant wastewater (containing oil, grease, phenols and metals)
    • Washings from Coolant Drums,
    • Acid Drums and Degreaser Drums
    • Floor Scrubber Water
  • Total volume of wastewater 5.2m≥/day
CTECH Treatment System:

CBS 750
OrganoSorb Column Filter

Savings Per Annum:

Previous disposal cost - £556,818/annum
Disposal cost with PolyClay and OrganoSorb - £80,201/annum
Annual savings realised - £476,617

WASTE Haulier Company

Wastewater Challenge:
  • Wastewater from washdown of dustbin wagons
  • Total volume of wastewater 8m≥/day
  • Wastewater contained:
    • Oils
    • Metals
    • High C.O.D. and Suspended Solids
  • Customer had issues with local water authority due to failing consent on their C.O.D and metals discharge
Existing Treatment Systems:

Company used a mechanical filtration/separation process
Bacteria growth cause the mechanical filtration/separation system to fail
Customer was receiving monthly fines and surcharges for failure to meet discharge levels. The fine were charged at £3,000 per item.

CTECH Treatment Systems:

Daily wastewater volume reduced to 3m≥ due to change to wagon cleaning method
CBS 750 installed
Single step treatment with PolyClay
Metals, oil, suspended solids, and C.O.D. now all meet discharge consent limit to sewer

Cost Savings:

No further fines from the sewer company

Film Manufacturer

Wastewater Challenge:
  • Wastewater from packaging film manufacture
  • Wastewater could not be treated with conventional flocculation methods
CTECH Treatment Systems:

CPS 10000 Treatment System that includes two Filter Press Units

Cost Savings:

Total savings of £325,000 per year

Paint Manufacturer

Wastewater Challenge:
  • Wastewater from paint manufacture
  • Wastewater volume 1,200m≥/month
Existing Treatment Systems:

Three stage liquid polymer process that was not consistent with effective treatment
Existing system had capacity issues
Unable to identify sludge de-watering system
Sludge hauled away and costs were increasing
Sludge clogs up in the sludge tank and haulier trucks adding to disposal costs
Sludge disposal cost have increased
Sludge has to be cleaned out of flat bottom treatment tank
Sludge clogs up in the sludge tank
Sludge settles in haulier truck which increases sludge cost again
Have been unable to find press system that sludge will not stick to

CTECH Treatment Systems:

CPS 15000 Treatment System that uses two Filter Press Assemblies
PolyClay eliminates tackiness of sludge
Filter Press produces 55% solids in sludge

Cost Savings:

PolyClay reduced C.O.D from an average of 15,000mg/l to 1,800mg/l
PolyClay reduced Total Solids from an average of 23,500mg/l to 1,800 mg/l
Labour costs reduced by 60%
Treatment costs reduced by 43%
As PolyClay treatment produces a sludge which can be dewatered the sludge disposal costs reduced by 74%